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404 Checker is a website full of webmaster tools and information about your website, internet connections and protocols.

Please consult the list below for information about the tools available. The information section (accessable from the menu on the left) contains information about HTTP Status Codes, and also instructions about how you can customise your servers response to these codes. The references section contains information about where to get more information.

When you are finished please take a moment to take a look at the "I'm Finished Here" pages.

HTTP Status Checker   The 404 Checker

Check the HTTP Status code being returned by a partcular webpage, image or document. Useful for checking that your custom error pages are returning the correct codes.

Webpage Header Checker   Header Checker

View the full header returned from a HTTP request. Useful for debugging, optimisation and for general interest. Click the icon next to each header directive for more information about that item.

Link Checker   Link Checker

The link checker will fetch all links on a page and check each in turn for their status. Useful for location broken links on a page.

Location   Domain to Location Lookup

Enter a website domain and this tool will try to lookup the physical location. Results are depended on the accuracy and completeness of IP records. Useful for finding where a website is physically located.

Who Is   WhoIs Lookup

Standard Whois lookup, this tool will locate any data registered about the domain with the registrar. Useful for finding contact inforamtion for a particular domain.

My IP Address   Your IP and Location

View your own IP, location and other public data. Useful for anytime you need to know your own IP address, also for checking what data you are making public.

My IP Address   ZIP Code Lookup

Interrogate US Zip Code Data.

Buy Domains   Available Domains Search

Check availability of .com, .net, .co.uk and many more popular domains. Useful for checking the availability of new domains.

HTMl Analyzer   Webpage Analysis

Webpage analysis of meta tags, images and anchor tags, reccommendations, suggestion and warnings given where appropriate. Useful for locating errors, and improving the efficiency of your website with regard to search engines and directories.

The 404 Checker
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