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404 Checker is a website full of webmaster tools and information about your website, internet connections and protocols.

Please consult the list below for information about the tools available. The information section (accessible from the menu on the left) contains information about HTTP Status Codes, and also instructions about how you can customise your servers response to these codes. The references section contains information about where to get more information.

When you are finished please take a moment to take a look at the "I'm Finished Here" pages.

The 404 Checker

Check the HTTP Status code being returned by a particular webpage, image or document. Useful for checking that your custom error pages are returning the correct codes.

Full Header Checker

View the full header returned from a HTTP request. Useful for debugging, optimisation, finding issues and for researching. Click the icon next to each header directive for more information about that item.

Link Checker

The link checker will fetch all links on a page and check each in turn for their status. Useful for locating broken links on a page.